Full Text Name Indexing

Full text name indexing tries to locate and extract scientific names within a text document. GNA has defined a standard Name Finding API that our services adhere to. Currently we are hosting 2 finding services using different algorithms that you can try in the form below:

uBio's TaxonFinder

A service wrapping the original uBio TaxonFinder. See documentation for details.

Lucene Name Indexer

A java implementation by GBIF that consume documents in many file formats. See documentation for details.

Name Finder Client

This client allows you to scan your own documents for scientific names.
Please either upload a document, specify a url to a public document on the web by entiering its URL or selecting some example documents or fill in some raw text manually

Upload File:
Enter URL:
Example URLs:
Implementation: Taxon Finder
Lucene Indexer
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