DwC-A Spreadsheet Processor is still in beta.



  1. Review the available spreadsheet templates
  2. Download and complete the templates according to the user guidelines
  3. Click the "Choose File" button on the right to upload the completed spreadsheet
  4. Receive a validated Darwin Core Archive file or EML metadata document.
  5. To publish, put the Darwin Core Archive file and EML metadata document online, with a stable URL.
  6. Follow the GBIF data registration guidelines to register the data files with GBIFS.

Note:  The processor does NOT publish a datafile to GBIF.  It provides a publication-ready file.

Available Spreadsheet Templates – The processor currently only supports a set of pre-configured spreadsheet ‘template’ files.  Each is available in the older XLS format and the new XLSX format, which supports more than 64,000 rows.

The following templates are available:


Species Occurrence - Use this template to record or store basic species collections or observational data. [XLSX format]

Species Checklists
– These templates provide different methods for recording and storing simple annotated species checklists.   The different versions offer different methods for recording classification information.

Checklist 1 - Supports a ‘normalised’ classification where the classification is stored in two spreadsheet columns: one stores the ID of the taxon and another stores the ID of the parent taxon. [XLSX format]

Project Website and additional documentation http://code.google.com/p/gbif-spreadsheet-processor/